Heier, Ishola & Navarro, PLLC

is a partnership between David Heier, Hakeem Ishola, and Carlos Navarro. We are three Utah based attorneys with over 35 years of combined experience. We specialize in criminal law, immigration law, and appeals in both areas. David and Carlos are licensed to practice law in the State of Utah, and Hakeem is licensed to practice law in Utah and Texas. All three are licensed to practice federal immigration law in all states. We have experience filing appeals with the Utah Supreme Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th and 10th Circuits, and petitioning for writ of certiorari before the United States Supreme Court.

Criminal Defense

We practice criminal defense in the State of Utah, and within the Federal District of Utah, and in the 10th Circuit Court of appeals. Our services include representation in court, appeals, post-conviction relief, expungements, and advice on the immigration consequences of pleading guilty to criminal offenses.